Mark’s Monday Message

Mark’s Monday Message

Are you someone who embraces change or avoids it? What do we do when change happens around us which we have no control over?

We all deal differently with change and yet change is inevitable, particularly in our current environment as we begin to set ourselves back on our feet after over a year of lockdowns. The world around us has changed forever – How are we going to cope and what does the bible say about change?

Over the month of June we will be looking at the theme of change and how as God’s people we are called to live in the world and deal with the changes around us (and often be willing to change ourselves) and yet keep our eyes and focus on the unchanging one.

Brian started us off yesterday with a great study of Joseph and how he dealt with a lifetime of changes that happened to him that were out of his control and yet he allowed God to work through him in all situations: 

Why not join us in person this week, either at the 8:30 or 10:30 services and enjoy the fellowship of being back together in church? See you then