About us

About us

From 1st November 2019, St John’s Broadbridge Heath became an independent Benefice and Parish to be officially known as ‘The Benefice and Parish of Broadbridge Heath, in the district of Horsham, in the diocese of Chichester’ – simply known as St John’s BBH for most day-to-day purposes.  Our vision is unchanged and we look forward to continuing to serve our Parish and maintaining close links with the other churches in Horsham.

Jesus has shown us such extraordinary love that we want to celebrate His life among us in different ways:

  • in our Worship we enjoy a real sense of God’s presence
  • in our daily lives we seek to be effective disciples
  • we want to serve the community in as many ways as we can
  • we seek to offer love, time and support to those in need

Our vision

“Loving God, Serving All”

This encapsulates the vision that Jesus Himself gave His disciples. He didn’t set targets for them He just asked them to do what He’d taught them…

Loving God conveys our gratitude for God’s involvement in our lives, especially in sending Jesus to us.  It also expresses our intention to grow in our experience and understanding of God through worship and prayer.

Serving God relates to our desire to serve our growing community in any way we can, particularly those areas that addresses people’s needs.  It is to show love and care to those around us, without prejudice, whether at church, home or in the workplace.

Our values

We believe…

  • that God created a good world with human beings as the high point of His creation.
  • that this world has become marred by our self-centred choices from the earliest times.
  • that a new chapter in God’s plan for His world began when Jesus came, died, and overcame death.
  • that we should welcome and serve all without discrimination.
  • that those who follow Jesus, with the Holy Spirit’s help, connect with God’s continuing design of renewing all things in preparation for the second coming of Jesus.