I’m New

I’m New

If you are new to St John’s we want you to feel welcome.

Here’s what you need to know.

Most importantly you are very welcome. Whatever your background, situation, where you’re from, what you believe or how you’re feeling – you are welcome to join us at St John’s.

We have services on Sundays and weekdays that you can find out more about on our What’s On pages.

Typically our Sunday services run for at least an hour with a more traditional service at 08:30, followed by a family service around 10:30.  Tea and coffee is served in the hall between the services.

Someone will welcome you on the way in and help you find a seat. You can sit where you like and our dress code is casual.

The family service will usually involve some singing with a supporting band, prayer and a sermon. You’re welcome to join in with the singing, sometimes there will be invitation to pray out loud and occasionally the sermon will be interactive.  In all these you are as free to not join in as to do so.

Every 08:30 is a Communion Service.  On one Sunday each month there is Communion at 10:30.  Whatever your tradition you are welcome to receive Communion if you are a follower of Jesus.

If you have questions we encourage you to talk to someone at the end of the service – the people that welcomed you can help, or we have a prayer team at the back of church or you can talk to Mark or Brian our Vicar and Assistant Minister respectively.

If you have children with you then bring them into church – you can decide if you would like them to stay with you in the service or join one of our children’s groups.

It’s also important to know that whilst Sunday is at the centre of our week, many St John’s activities happen outside of Sundays. We have many activities during the week and support many local and distant missions.

More questions? Just ask.