Church @ Home

Church @ Home

Ephesians Chapter 4, verses 11-16

What is the purpose of these 5 gifts or ‘ministries’?

•To build up the church •Spiritual Maturity •To know Jesus better •To equip the church for ministry


Dream Awakeners in the Kingdom of God. They awaken people to their God designed potential. They are instrumental in people discovering who they really are, and walking alongside them to get there. They forge new paths in the Kingdom and are a catalyst for change wherever they go. 


Heart Revealers in the Kingdom of God. They are effective in revealing God’s heart for His people where ever they go. They can accurately discern God’s heart for a situation. They help people experience God’s voice for the very first time and help them develop hearing the voice of God in their own life.


Story Tellers in the Kingdom of God. They make the stories of Jesus’s remarkable goodness and love famous. They are the carrier of good news and partner with Jesus in celebrating people’s transformation. They stir curiosity and desire to know Jesus. Their life is a living invitation to all to join the Family of God.


Soul Healers in the Kingdom of God. They are instrumental in guiding people through brokenness back to wholeness and healing their soul from wounds that keep them where they are. They create a safe atmosphere of family and belonging. They bring fun and enjoyment to God’s ministry and allow people to feel like they are part of a greater family.


Light Givers in the Kingdom of God. They make the truth and knowledge about God accessible to all. They have an ability for breaking confusion and misinformation. They are strategic in helping people know the truth of God and also how it applies to their own life.

As a church I want us to:

Be expectant.Experience God.Pursue Maturity.Encourage vulnerability.Champion unity.Reveal Jesus.Know Truth.Build Kingdom.

(Through all our gifts and together as one body)

Discover your kingdom strengths: