We believe that God’s desire is to transform our lives so that as we gather together to worship, pray, hear from God’s word and respond to his Spirit, we become more and more as He created us to be. Our Sunday services aim to cater for all ages and we have different styles of worship. After each service there is an opportunity to receive prayer ministry.

The sermons are recorded each Sunday and are available for listening and downloading.

09:00 service

This is a more traditional service where we share bread and wine together following a liturgical pattern of worship. There is relevant teaching from the Bible and the organ leads us for the hymns. On the first Sunday in the month we follow a more relaxed, reflective and meditative pattern.

10:30 service

This is a lively and informal service. We worship with the help of a band, singing contemporary worship songs. There’s time to hear how the Bible still speaks today and we provide a full range of children’s activities. Children join us for the first part, except on 4th Sundays when they have their own service ‘Ignite’ in the hall. On 3rd Sundays we share bread and wine.

First and fifth Sundays have taken on a different look, running as follows:

First Sundays

  • 09:00 – 10:00 Slightly adapted and shorter 1st Sunday Contemplative Communion
  • 10.00 – Coffee etc in hall as people arrive and join those who have been at the 09:00 Service
  • 10:15 Café Church. All age family fun / themed activity / food & drink
  • 11:15 Worship
  • 11:30 Finish

Fifth Sundays

  • No 09:00 Service
  • 10:00 Coffee etc
  • 10:30 All age family communion Service – mix of organ and band – sometimes culminating in lunch together.

Encounter Evening Service

3rd Sunday: 19:00 ‘Encounter’ is an informal service with extended worship led by the band. There is time for Bible teaching, more opportunity to use Spiritual gifts and prayer ministry.

Healing Services

The Healing Service is especially for you. We meet on occasional first Sunday evenings at 19:30 as a testimony to the fact that ‘nothing is impossible for God’. In a world where it’s easy to feel helpless and that things are out of control, the Bible reminds us that despite appearances, God is in control.  And we know that God loves and cares for you personally. He wants us to pray for physical, mental and spiritual healing. This is good news for everyone.

The Bible does not allow us to accept the excuse that God cannot work in your situation – whatever it is. God promises to forgive your sins when you turn to Him; He hears our prayers for healing; and answers them in the best and wisest way.

It’s important to us that you feel comfortable and safe when you come to a Healing Service. The healing prayer will be in the context of a Communion service. You will not be asked to do anything strange; just feel free to sit back and watch if that’s what you’re comfortable with, or come forward for prayer before receiving communion in the normal way. The Healing Service is for all who are hurting, anxious, stressed, worried – about themselves, their friends or their family. It is for those who are grieving, addicted to wrong behaviours, lonely, sick, troubled or just curious about what God can do.

You will be among caring, friendly people who will welcome you, and will be available to listen, and pray for you, handing those deep concerns over to the God who loves you enough to die for you.

Our calendar is the best way to check what services are scheduled.

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