Talk to students about your job – Wed 18th April

Talk to students about your job – Wed 18th April

Judi Cox & Schools Team are looking for Job Guests/workers in any of the following fields:

Novelist. Art and Design career. Tourism. Graphic Designer. Beauty Therapist. Engineer. Prison Officer. Fireman. Game tester. Game Designer. YouTuber. Computer Programmer. Radiologist. Doctor. Forensic Scientist. Physicist. Scientist of any kind. Ambulance. Bank Manager. Vet Nurse. Animal worker. Dog handler. Royal Engineer. Architect. Secretary. Dentist. Pilot. Software Editor. IT Company/worker. Mechanic. Catering Personal Services. Photographer. Window Dresser. Dance Choreographer. Photographer.


Are you involved in any of the above? Would you consider coming and talking to students at Holy Trinity School about your job, along with other job guests?

Very Informal! Give details of your job. What you do. What you love/find challenging. What led you to do this job. What qualifications you needed then/they would need now. Be open to questions.

Are you free on Weds 18th April between 9.30 and 11.30 am?

There are students from our latest Early Interventions course (Eliv8) , who are interested in these jobs, and would love to meet you.

Could you help? Do you know anyone who could?

We would love to hear from you. You will also get to cheer them on, as they receive their certificates for the course, and support them in that way! We would love to have you! Judi Cox. Horsham Parish Youth worker. Community Outreach. Tel: 210207.