Focus on 2017

Focus on 2017


The Church of England has encouraged all its churches to make 2017 “A year of the Bible”.  The DNA of St John’s is that the Bible is already very central – so we will be looking at how we can build on what we already do and look at different ways in which we can approach the Bible.

Three things we would encourage you to do:

  1. Bring your own Bible to church – if it’s a different translation we’ll enjoy seeing the varied versions!
  2. Bring a notebook and record the new things you learn!
  3. Ask about difficult passages.  After Easter we will be tackling obscure or difficult passages – if you have a passage that you find difficult let us know – we might speak to it!

There are two highly recommended events coming up:

Horsham Deanery Roadshow

Walk through the Bible


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