Messy Church news and resources

Messy Church news and resources

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The latest issue, full of news, is just out!

All the Messy Church COVID-19 resources can be found in one place! The Messy Church
website has a brand-new tab for easy access COVID-19.

There are lots of Messy Church Covid-19 HOLY HABITS resources being added to the website.

The Messy Church BRF team has created a huge new Pinterest board – MESSY CHURCH AT HOME – with
COVID-19 information, techy help, videos, ideas, news from other denominations and
organisations, all the Messy Church resources and activities galore. Over 130 pins to date.

Please get in touch if you need any support. You are not on your own. Share what you are
doing. Post on the Messy Church FACEBOOK page and let everyone see!

Trying new things during this strange time at home? Have you joined the growing Messy

The Messy Church BRF team are sharing on TWITTER as well.