Happy Tuesday all. Hope the week has started well for you. There are a couple of weeks left of the official connect groups (although I’m sure some may continue). I have had some lovely feedback from various hosts.

A few people will be meeting on the last Wednesday of each month for an hour, from 10am to 11am to give the church hall a tidy and clean. If you would like to help, come along this Wednesday – 29th March – or come earlier for the café beforehand.

On Maundy Thursday evening at 7:30pm we will be hosting The People’s Passion. It is a 45-minute play with the congregation as the cast where we will gather in the church to bring the Easter story to life. A small group, assisted by a member of the Riding Lights team, will lead everyone in a powerful act of theatre and worship, reading in chorus from one projected script to paint a vivid picture of Jesus’ last week before the crucifixion. There is music and some moments of reflection.

Apart from a few characters (including Jesus and a narrator), all the dialogue is read by the congregation. They are divided into six groups and together, reading from a projected script, they play all the characters, a chorus of voices in unison taking us from the noisy crowd cheering Jesus on his entry into Jerusalem, to Calvary and through the moving drama of the crucifixion.

Please sign up via Church Suite or using the link: and clicking on the appropriate event.