Horsham Monday Breakfast Club

Horsham Monday Breakfast Club

Worthing Churches Homeless Projects

Horsham Monday Breakfast Club is going well and we are reaching out to people who are homeless and need support. We feel though that we could reach out to more people and we want to provide an atmosphere with a mix of different types of people, like a communi-ty. We recognise that being homeless can make clients feel alone so we want clients to be able to surround themselves with others where friendships can form and attendees can support each other just by being there.

With this, please can I encourage you to direct anyone who is single, homeless OR vulnerable to attend the Monday Breakfast Club at the Salvation Army. This will open up the service to the following types of people:

  • Rough sleepers
  • Anyone sofa surfing (working or not)
  • Horsham Night Shelter guests
  • People in unsuitable accommodation (due to physical or mental health or basic needs not met or environmental health issues)
  • People who are vulnerable (mental health, learning disabilities, low income) in accommodation, isolated and need support around housing such as information or guidance

A reminder that this is for single adults with no dependents that live with them. We will of course not turn people away if they need information or direction to the best service for their needs. Any questions please contact AJ, Horsham Coordinator at 07736268902.