Horsham Churches: opening times

Horsham Churches: opening times

St Mary’s Church will remain open for prayer each day, approximately 9am-5pm, and all arevwelcome. We have such a huge church building, that many people can pray in peace, whilst also ensuring that they are self-isolating!

St Margaret’s Warnham – Our church will be open from 9am to dusk every day and warmly welcomes anyone who would like to enjoy the beautiful space.   Some prayer resources will be available

St. Johns Catholic Church in Springfield Rd. will remain open throughout this time of concern from 9.00am until at least 6.00pm each and every day Monday to Sunday inclusive to provide a sanctuary of peace and calm to all people of whatever denomination and none

Holy Trinity church, Rushams Road will be open from Monday 23rd March for individuals to pray in from 10am until 4pm. At 4pm each day the church bell will be rung and anyone who hears it is invited to stop for a few moments and pray for the workers of the NHS, for all those isolating and for those infected with coronavirus.

Lifespring will be Live Streaming a Sunday morning meeting from our offices in Southwater – this will be available for anyone to join and watch, not just for individuals of Lifespring. https://wearelifespring.church/live It is due to start at 10.30am

St. Mark’s Church – every Sunday morning we will post on the church website (accessed via “online service” tab on home page http://www.stmarksholbrook.org.uk/ ) a service order for that Sunday, a video in 3 parts of the spoken part of the service recorded in church which will include the confession, readings, a sermon and intercessions, and videos for the songs in the service order to facilitate singing! Via the service video Rev. Richard will give instructions for when to play the hymn videos. The “online service” tab will go live early on Sunday morning. Our sermon library is also on the website (see http://www.stmarksholbrook.org.uk/services–audio-talks.html ) – every one of our talks is a part of a sermon series and you will find a huge number of sermons there t hopefully
continue to feed you at home.