Clean-up and Create; a Bright New Future

Clean-up and Create; a Bright New Future

Mission: designing and making a piece of eco upcycled art with a thought-provoking message and or designing a poster.

Why now? At this time more than ever people need hope, to dream and visualise the bright and sustainable future we could build. They need to imagine another World, not the one we are currently living in. Some children will choose to focus on littering, others cleaning up the oceans, whilst those worried about climate change a bright new future – they can interpret cleaning up the world in whichever way inspires them. There is no size limit on their art!

The timing of this competition will help inspire and entertain children during lockdown and beyond, the deadline is 10th July.

The World is at a compulsory halt, people are seeing reduced emissions, amazing
changes in the natural world, making lifestyle changes like growing their own food and backyard chickens. Children and adults have time to stop and reflect, to use their imagination, dream and create a vision of the future. Please share this with schools, home schoolers, children and young people.

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