Prayer Ministry on Sundays

Prayer Ministry is available at all our services.  After the 09:00 service it takes place in Meeting Room 1 in the hall.  At 10:30 services it takes place in the church.  We believe that God is interested in every part of our lives and that He wants to speak into every situation.  Often He uses other people to do this.  The Prayer Ministry Teams who are trained and can be trusted to be sensitive and discreet, meet before the service to seek the Lord for anything He may want to say to the gathered community.  We would encourage everyone to receive prayer for anything that is a current need for them – spiritually, physically and mentally.   At 10:30 a member of the team has the opportunity to share at the end of the service, they may have a “picture” that will often mean nothing to them but will mean everything to the person who hears it.  They may share a scripture that rings a bell with an individual’s situation, or a prophecy that unlocks something that a person is experiencing at that time.

If God is wanting to speak to you, and you feel that what is shared chimes with where you are, what you’re feeling or experiencing – don’t miss out on the opportunity to receive prayer ministry!

Morning Prayer -Tuesday-Friday mornings at 8.45am

We follow the office of Daily Prayer via an App on our phones or iPads, and pray for our community and wider world.

Frontline Prayer – First Mondays

Prayer is a central part of our church life. It is the way we relate to God and therefore is foundational for everything we do as individuals. Because we are a people who want to hear what God’s plans are for us and He is a God who loves to hear us bring our needs to Him, praying together as a church about our community and our world is something we love to do.

We set aside the first Monday in every month to pray for aspects of the work of St John’s and especially our desire to be a source of care and hope to the village, sharing as best we can, the message of Jesus. We call this “Frontline” because prayer often involves a struggle as we see what is right but experience what is wrong. We know that God wants to bring love where there is hatred, good where there is evil and light where there is darkness. In order to align ourselves with His desires we find ourselves on the frontline.

There are two different gatherings so that the majority will be able to join us at some point during the day:

  • 07:00 – 07:45    With coffee and tea before work
  • 19:30 – 20:30     Horsham Team Prayer meeting in various venues:

We have included links to a couple of helpful websites that will enable you to pray effectively throughout the week.

​If you use other resources you would like included please e-mail the details to

Sacred Space: