Home Groups

Home Groups

Home groups are the place where friendships are built and relationships with God are deepened. They have anything from 8-15 people who gather together to consider what it means to be a follower of Jesus in the 21st Century. We look again at the previous Sunday’s talk and seek to apply it to our lives.

Home groups offer a good place to feel you belong and are settled in the life of a growing church. We hope that home groups will grow and multiply by planting new groups.

If you want to get involved in the life at St John’s, then home groups are a great place to start and we would love to invite you to join one! We meet in a variety of locations and on different days of the week. You can contact home group leaders directly yourself, or alternatively email here and we will help you find the right group for you.

Home group directory

Monday Evening

Sue Endacott  and Carol Smith – Broadbridge Heath / Wickhurst Green  7:30pm

phone: 01403 261063

Tuesday Daytime (fortnightly)

Paul Scott – Christ’s Hospital   11:00am

phone: 01403 274798       email: paul@scot85.fsnet.co.uk – Currently full

Tuesday Evening (monthly)

Damian and Karen MacDonald – Wickhurst Green   8:00pm

mob: 07974345605

Wednesday Evening (fortnightly)

John and Kate Bailey – Wickhurst Green 7:30pm.

phone: 01403 276736     email:  jcblive@me.com

Wednesday Evening

Bob & Annie Silver – Horsham Area 7:00pm

email:   bachsilver@btinternet.com

Thursday Daytime

Heather Bridgman – Broadbridge Heath area

phone: 01403 210996

Thursday Evening

Mark & Sara Johnston – North Horsham  8:00pm

email: mark@jmed.co.uk 

Friday Evening

Mario & Mink Reit-Muller – Wickhurst Green  7:00pm

mob: 07889879192      email: mink.sumana@gmail.com

Sunday (1st Sunday monthly)

Sarah & Simon Parrott – Horsham  8:00pm

phone: 01403 271751       email: parrott_sj@yahoo.co.uk