Barnabas Groups

Barnabas Groups

We want to encourage Prayer Doublets or Triplets which we call “Barnabas groups”. Barnabas’ name means “encourager”, and that’s what it’s all about – encouraging, strengthening and supporting one another. Like three strands of a rope bound together there’s something special about a small group bound together by sharing and praying together.

These same sex groups of two or three are often a factor in spiritual growth as we learn to share our deepest joys, sorrows or needs with another person. Apart from the spiritual dimension, it’s a very healthy thing to learn to become “vulnerable” with another person or persons that you trust and feel “safe” with, or “click” with.

We encourage you to be pro-active in approaching such people and asking them whether they would like to become a “Barnabas Group” with you. There will be no organising from the leadership and no chasing up!

Recommended Structure

1. Meet regularly [once a week if you can]
2. Keep a strict time schedule – [30 -60 mins would be the norm]
3. Groups of only 2 or 3
4. Barnabas Groups are always same sex groups
5. There is no set pattern
6. There is no leader

Main ingredients:

  • Praying for one another – learn to share yourself
  • Sharing any relevant scriptures
  • Accountability

Possible Accountability Questions (Prov.27:17; James 5:16; Gal 6:1-5).
These questions are only as helpful as you are willing to be honest and vulnerable. This takes time, so be patient.

  • How have you sensed God’s presence in your life this week?
  • Have you received specific answers to prayer this week?
  • What opportunities have you taken to speak about Jesus this week?
  • Who amongst your non-Christian friends / colleagues can we pray for together?
  • Has your speech honoured God this week?
  • Have you given priority time to your family? Have you honoured your primary relationships [spouse / children / parents?
  • Have you been in honourable with your interaction with members of the opposite sex?
  • Have you exercised integrity in your financial dealings?
  • Have you succumbed to a personal addiction?
  • Has the sun gone down on any anger or bitterness or are you holding a grudge toward anyone?
  • What do you feel God is telling you to do at the moment? What are you going to do about it?

“Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another, so that you may be healed.” James 5:17