District Church Council

District Church Council

The Parish of Horsham operates a devolved model of ministry both in terms of decision making and finance, with each Church being largely self governing through its District Church Council. The ordained staff, and church wardens from each church together make up the Parish Parochial Council.

Our current DCC consists of  Revd. Paddy Beresford, Revd Brian New (Assistant priest), Revd Kate Bailey (Curate) Liz New (Warden), Anne Mellor (Warden), Derrick Cain (Treasurer), Rachel Ellis, Sarah Tombling, Mark Johnston, Sara Johnston, Audrey Lee and Roger Holland.  John Bailey also regularly attends as our Deanery Synod Rep.

Vicar, Paddy Beresford and his wife Ann

Brian New
Assistant Priest

Kate Bailey

Bob Silver
Church Warden

Lesley-Ann Holland
Church Warden

Roger Holland

Derrick Cain

Jenny Cain

Sarah Tombling

Mark Johnson

Sara Johnson

Rachel Ellis