Posts from November 2020

Posts from November 2020

Horsham Christmas Goings On

HORSHAM VIRTUAL PRAYER ROOM FOR ADVENT (Sunday 29 November – Thursday 24 December) During this season of prayer, join 340 members of the Horsham Virtual Prayer Room for Advent which is a continuation of the Horsham Virtual Prayer Room which ran for 11 days during Thy Kingdom Come in May: During Advent, there will be regular…

Horsham Shines

Horsham Churches Together invites you to make a star for your window to spread some joy this Christmas. Let’s brighten every street in town and make Horsham Shine! #horshamshines2020

Lockdown Gallery

Visit our new gallery (under the Community tab) to enjoy the beauty and splendour of God’s creation. An opportunity to get beyond your four walls within your four walls … enjoy.

Tear Fund Quiz

Thank you to the competing teams and congratulations to the winners – The Gardening Club. We raised over £650 so an even bigger thank you to everyone who donated.